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Isa – The Sky in the Salty Wells (2018)


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Product description

How the sky can stun, the sky from the reflections in the wells,
The wells with water which got salty from tears of the human kind.

The 2018 album of the Novosibirsk folk/ambient/post-rock band Isa. First released by “Shum Derevyev Records” in the audio cassette format on January 1, 2018.

  • Side A
  1. Сияние [Shining]
  2. Мир или свобода [Pacification or Freedom]
  3. Рассказ листвы о твоём детстве [The tale of leaves about your сhildhood]
  4. Тополя [Poplars] (feat. Lesnoy Tanets)
  • 05:20
  • 05:44
  • 04:59
  • 06:00
  • Side B
  1. Гроза на том берегу [Thunderstorm on the other side of the river]
  2. Слепой [Blind man]
  3. Огни раннего снега [The lights of the first snow]
  4. Поющий горизонт [Singing Skyline]
  • 04:21
  • 04:13
  • 06:11
  • 08:41
  • Total time: 45:29
Technical information

Cassettes made by the GoTape company (SPb, Russia)
Recorded by Shum Derevyev Records
Master: digital, -14dB RMS, 44 kHz, 16-bit
Tape: Fe2O3

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