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Voronda – Trials in the Forest (2018)


Audio cassette with recording

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Mysterious, cold and romantic forest dungeon-synth from the US northern state of Vermont. The man behind the music is Etienne Tel’uial known by the projects Falgar, Triumphant Race, The Dead Souls, On The Flesh, Restless and many others. Chrome (Type II) tape, transparent cassette, insert of thick paper reminiscent of the old European releases of classical music. Playback is possible on any equipment but the tape type switch is recommended.

Original recording © & ℗ 2018 Voronda.
Cassette release © & ℗ 2019 Shum Derevyev Records.

Technical information

Cassettes made by the GoTape company (SPb, Russia)
Recorded by Shum Derevyev Records
Master: digital, -20dB RMS, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit
Tape: CrO2
EQ: 70μs

Additional information

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