Shum Derevyev Records

Shum Derevyev Records

Music is an integral state of Nature, just like the noise of trees it is eternal. The music we publish is suitable for any unprepared listener but still either too unfit for the masses or too commercially unfit for the larger labels. We are not a commercial company but a fellow crew, created to bring such unusual music onto collectable physical media.

All of our records come as collectable compact cassettes produced in very small quantities (usually 10-30 pcs.). We value quality both in design and production of our cassettes: the medium is produced for us by the GoTape company based in Saint Petersburg, which owns the needed equipment for tape winding and cassette case assembly. Starting with October 2018 we are recording our cassettes using our own cassette decks made in the golden era of analogue sound (1978-1993). All of our equipment is thoroughly serviced and tuned to bring its technical parameters back to the factory specifications. Since May 2019 we are also printing the cassette stickers using our own equipment.

If you’re a musician who wants to be published, please be acknowledged of a few guidelines before submitting your music to us:

  1. Although we are a non-mainstream label, we are not an “extreme underground metal” label!
  2. That does not mean we never ever publish any metal, but we generally avoid it.
  3. And as such we do not publish:
    • music which can be readily published by another label (including numerous “extreme underground metal” labels)
    • music unbearable for a casual listener
    • music inciting depressive attitudes, aversion to oneself or the others as well as to the whole world, promoting perverse aesthetics, etc.
  4. We prefer not to publish music promoting religions, cults or zealous philosophies, even if those are generally not destructive.
  5. We welcome:
    • mentally and spiritually healthy individuals
    • well-performed and well-recorded music; the only exception are field and unique records (e.g. recordings brought from ethnographic expeditions or historical records)
    • music with themes such as nature, wild life, country culture and folklore from any country of the world
    • themes and esthetics of atmospheric moods and romantic art
    • any other unusually-themed music which fits the general criteria

An author does not pay anything to be published. As a reward we can only offer several (2-3) free copies of the cassette.

If you want to contact us, use the form below:

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