Guidelines for musicians

If you’re a musician who wants to be published, please be acknowledged of a few guidelines before submitting your music to us: We do not publish: extreme metal (“true black”, “misanthropic”, “suicidal”, etc.) bands mainly dealing with the occult, esoteric, … Read more

‘The True Tale’ is here!

We are happy to announce the arrival of Knyazhaya Pustyn’s “The True Tale” (Byl) cassettes! They are beautifully recorded, contain a richly decorated inlay and available for order from our store. Read the product page for more details. P.S.: Digitized … Read more

“Isa – Pacification or Freedom” music video

Shum Derevyev Records presents the official music video of Isa “Pacification or Freedom” (Мир или свобода), the song from its latest album. The video was completely produced by the independent video director and musician Andrey A. Pivovarov (Lesnoy Tanets).

Coming soon

We are currently preparing for publication an exclusive, collector’s cassette edition of the album “Byl” (Быль, 2016) by the well-known ambient/folk-rock band “Knyazhaya Pustyn” (Княжая Пустынь) from the city of Kostroma! The issue is supported by the labels Der Schwarze … Read more

Isa – The Sky in the Salty Wells

Here is our first release! For those with the real taste for the live analogue sound we present the latest album of the Novosibirsk ambient/folk/prog-rock band Isa, called “The Sky in the Salty Wells” (Небо в солёных колодцах). The album … Read more


Our team publishes fine, quality, intelligent, non-provocative music, which is generally rejected by the mainstream-commercial or the underground-commercial labels because it is unfit for their ‘format’. This kind of music, for different reasons, becomes more and more widespread in the … Read more