Cassette release of “The Sparrow Nights” (and some words about “Paths”)

The cassette release of “The Sparrow Nights” (Воробьиные ночи, 2010) by the Siberian folk-band Lesnoy Tanets is already on the way to us!

The digital edition of the Lesnoy Tanets’ second album “Paths” (Тропы, 2018) was recently retracted from BandCamp by the author due to the preparations to its physical release, which includes some additional cosmetic works on the mixing and mastering. The final version of the album will be re-released digitally on BandCamp shortly before its physical release, which is going to happen on Shum Derevyev this autumn. The CD versions of both albums will be released the forthcoming winter through the efforts of the labels Der Schwarze Tod and COD Music.

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