Normal and chrome tapes compared

Since the end of 2018 we are constantly searching for new ways to improve quality of our releases. Now we are looking forward to use Chrome (CrO2) tape instead of Normal (Fe2O3). Here you can listen to two digitized recordings made from a digital master onto two different cassettes:

  1. BASF FE I Ferro Extra IEC I/Type I Position Normal
  2. TDK CDing2 54 IEC II/Type II Position Chrome

It is quite easy to hear that the Chrome tape, while having the better high frequency response, also has the significantly lower self noise – the thing which is quite rarely mentioned. Chrome tape is compatible with any modern playback equipment and does not require any kind of decoder, which is a great thing by itself considering the complete absence of modern hi-fi cassette equipment.

The bias and level parameters used for this test record were set up using the tone calibration method, so the influence of tape condition and details of formulation on the sound is minimal. The recording was made using the recommended EQ parameters for each tape type: 120 μs for Normal and 70 μs for Chrome.

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