Kanun by Olshanoe & the reissue of Rabor

Hello friends!

We gladly present to you a long-promised cassette called “Kanun” (The Eve) containing the ambient-neofolk EP recording by the Novosibirsk band Olshanoe. Another release we present to you today is the reissue of the album “Korni” (Roots) by the folk (formerly dungeon-synth) group Rabor made on a classical ferric Type I tape.

For these releases (and likely for all the forthcoming) we once again order the production of the inlays from our friends at the GoTape company in Saint Petersburg, and because of that the utmost quality of paper and the printing is once again guaranteed. The recordings themselves, just as before, are made by us using the completely serviced Japanese-made vintage tape decks by Technics, Nakamichi and Aiwa.

Рабор - Корни

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