Kanun by Olshanoe & the reissue of Rabor

Hello friends! We gladly present to you a long-promised cassette called “Kanun” (The Eve) containing the ambient-neofolk EP recording by the Novosibirsk band Olshanoe. Another release we present to you today is the reissue of the album “Korni” (Roots) by … Read more

Coming Soon: Olshanoe “Kanun”

Get ready for a new little cassette release: EP-album “Kanun” (Russian for “the eve”) by Olshanoe, formerly known as Isa, a band from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. The EP was released digitally in the last days of 2019, and … Read more

Coming Soon: Khranitel Berega!

Coming soon on our label a new release: “Legend” by Khranitel Berega – a captivating masterpiece combining neoclassica with dungeon-synth, stirring imagination for spiritual wanderings through mysterious woods and uninhabited places. The release comes as a red translucent cassette with … Read more

Coming soon: “Roots” by Rabor!

Our label is working on the limited edition cassette release of the Russian folk band Rabor’s latest album “Roots” (Корни)! One can expect a high-quality recording on a chrome (Type II) tape, four-pane inlay and a laminated dust cover.

Voronda – Trials in the Forest

Our new release is available! 📻 It is the forest dungeon-synth from the US North, state of Vermont. You can listen to the album online on Bandcamp. Music crafted by Etienne Tel’uial (Falgar/Triumphant Race/The Dead Souls/On The Flesh/Restless), imbibed with … Read more

Vodopolie is spring flood!

The cassettes of the Russian folk-ambient project “Vodopolie” are already produced and recorded, which means they are ready to be ordered! “The Stream” (Потокъ) is an immersive meditative landscape, built upon the ancient harmonies of the gusli harp, sounds of … Read more

Coming soon: Voronda – Trials in the Forest

We are working on the release of the first album by the dungeon/winter synth project Voronda “Trials in the Forest” (2018)! Be prepared to discover the crystal frost of moonlit Vermont nights, high quality record on a chrome tape and, … Read more

Coming soon!

We are proud to announce a new upcoming release: the first album “Potok” by the Russian folk ambient project Vodopolie (Водополье). As usual you can expect a beautiful inlay with atmospheric pictures, a cassette with pad-printed designs and this time … Read more

The Paths by Lesnoy Tanets is back

The new, “hi-fi” mastering of “The Paths” by Lesnoy Tanets is now available at BandCamp! 27 short tracks of a rather weird kind of Siberian “progressive folk” music, at times shifting into the adjacent genres, were recorded as never-to-be-released drafts … Read more